This time last year I set sail to explore Greenland. The majestic and towering icebergs were breathtaking. It was like entering another world. But my experience was also shaded with darkness - loneliness and feeling utterly helpless. I'm going to reveal what happened behind the scenes in Greenland that had me paralyzed and curled up on my couch for weeks after my return. 

While I've come to understand many things, I remain baffled about one - We are outraged when our football team loses or when someone cuts in front of us. And yet, we fail to be equally outraged when our friends cat call, misbehave, manhandle or grab a woman's ass. By any chance, is our outrage misplaced? 

It's outrageous when society fails to be outraged by the things that are outrageous. 

This article, "Breaking Silence" has been one year in the making. I needed time to process what happened, sift through the bullshit fed to me and come to a place of understanding. I share this not because I want empathy from you.

I share this to shine light on our archaic ways of thinking that emboldens perpetrators. Cat calling, groping and locker room talk is neither cute, manly nor harmless. I share this hoping you will raise the bar for what it takes to be a "man." If you're a victim, I hope this clears muddy waters and empowers you. I share this because we need to change our culture of silence, shame, judgment and victim blaming - both in the East and West!

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Warning - Contents known to be blessed by the devil. May cause discomfort. Overdose will result in head explosion.
If symptoms occur, there’s no turning back.