Selling Death

The documentary "Trophy" takes you into the world of big game hunting and conservation. While the battle to save wildlife has become a complex issue, one thing is clear as day - when demand stops, the killing stops. Some noteworthy highlights from the film -

Safari Club International Convention, hosted in Las Vegas, is the largest hunting convention on the planet with 2,000 booths and 20,000 attendees from around the globe. The convention sells death. Order any animal from the menu or customize your death order - the animal you want, age, hair & eye color … whatever your little heart desires. That’s it! You just booked your kill. That took balls, skill and talent!

Trophy acquisitions allow one to show off their spoils and attain an envious status. The Grand Slam hallelujah moment for any hunter is THE BIG FIVE - Buffalo at $8-9K, Leopard at $20K, Elephant at $45K and Lion at $50K. The ultimate is the Rhino at $350K because there’s fewer of them left to kill.


In 1900, there were 500,000 rhinos in the world. Today, there’s less than 30,000.
In 1900, there were 10,000,000 elephants in the world. In 2015, there were 350,000.
In 1900, there were 1.6 billion people in the world. Today, there’s 7.3 billion.

1,100 elephants are legally hunted in Africa each year. 30,000 elephants are illegally poached every year. So how long before they go extinct? Do the math.

Since 1970, the world has lost over 60% of all wild animals. The volume and pace is ravaging!


The beauty and folly of human brain lies in our ability to reason. Often, we concoct “creative logic” to justify our actions. Madoff, Weinstein, KKK - journey into their brain and listen to how they think.

Hunters in the film share some of their reasons – because they think crocodiles are mean and they just want a pair of boots; Bible gave us dominion over all animals and God gave us the right to do what we choose with them. Hunters claim their unequivocal love for animals. They say they love them so much that they have to kill them. With that logic, why don’t they start by killing their parents, children and siblings?

The claim that hunting helps conservation is equally ingenious. Our actions and martyr syndrome are akin to this - “Humans are the only creature in this world that cut trees, make paper from it, and then write “Save Trees” on it.”

Safari Game Hunts are a luxurious 5 star experience. Killing from the comfort of safety or hideout bunkers is not a sport. It’s an ambush! These animals are unsuspecting victims - never given a chance to fight or defend themselves. So why is a hit on human considered murder, but a hit on an animal ruled as hunting?

It’s a cowardly act that serves man’s ego and our insatiable desire for status, power and dominion. When is enough, enough?


The future is a product of now. Here are 5 things we can do -
  1. Vote for Green Candidates. If your house is on fire, arguing about furniture and décor is a moot point.
  2. Become an Armchair Warrior. Subscribe to NRDC, Peta, Take Part and sign petitions.
  3. Spread the word like Ebola. Be contagious.
  4. Join and financially support organizations that fight these causes with gusto.
  5. Become a Mindful Shopper. WHEN DEMAND STOPS, THE KILLING STOPS.

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