The Real Villains

Spielberg's blockbuster movie JAWS, singlehandedly etched a false reputation and devastating fate for sharks. Subsequent movies like THE SHALLOWS and THE MEG continue to cement the notion that sharks are vindictive human predators. This erroneous narrative is beyond irresponsible with grave consequences!

Sharks only attack humans when they are confused or curious. When humans splash in the ocean, sharks come to investigate which lead to leg nibbles and accidental attacks. These incidents are sensationalized by media outlets worldwide, thus helping to retain and perpetuate our false fears.


Sharks don’t eat humans. Humans eat sharks. Sharks feed on fish, seals, sea lions and other marine mammals. Humans are not calorie dense enough and our bony structure is counter productive to their slow digestive system.

Humans kill sharks as trophies. We also kill them for their meat, internal organs and skin to make products like shark fin soup, lubricants and leather. Shark fin soup is eaten as a status symbol.

We are more likely to die from an asteroid or lightning than we are by sharks.

Annually, 150 people die from falling coconuts and 17.7 million from heart disease and stroke.

1 person is killed each year in the U.S. and about 6 people worldwide from sharks.

Humans kill 100 million sharks every year! That’s 11,415 sharks every hour.

Shark finning is a practice where fishermen haul sharks from the ocean, slice off their fins and throw them back in the ocean. Alive, wounded and immobilized, they are left to die an agonizingly slow and cruel death.

Humans are the real predators on this planet. We encroach on wildlife habitat and threaten their existence. Then, have the audacity to claim WE are the victims and make wildlife creatures the villains!!! Our self-serving interests know no bounds!


Because our existence depends on the survival of sharks. Sharks play a vital role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. We are killing them at an egregiously sinister pace. They cannot reproduce fast enough. Combine this fact with the devastating effects of ocean acidification and climate change. We are racing sharks to extinction while championing the collapse of our oceans.

Wondering what would happen if there were no sharks? Watch Video


Here’s how you can help -

  1. Watch the movie RACING EXTINCTION
  2. Learn the truth about sharks. And share with friends on social media
  3. Become an Armchair Warrior. Subscribe to  PETA, Take Part and sign petitions
  4. Don’t use shark products and reduce seafood consumption
  5. Reduce plastic use
  6. Donate to WILD AID
  7. Don’t watch or support movies that peddle sharks as villains
  8. Go Diving with Sharks. Travel with Blue Sphere Media. Shawn Heinrichs kicks ass!
  9. Have Sex. Not Kids

The planet does not need another me. The planet needs more trees and wildlife.

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