Twizted New Year

Every year we wish for peace and happiness. So why have we not attained it yet? We can achieve the unthinkable like landing man on the moon when we have collective undeterred resolve. And yet, peace continues to evade us.

Truthfully, we haven’t attained peace in this world because we don’t really want it that badly; it’s a nice to have, not a want to have. And there is a fundamental issue in our vision for peace. We feel that we will only have peace on this planet when everyone does what we want them to do, and believe in what we believe. Do you see how asinine and comical our vision is?

One of the most “peaceful” gifts we can give to ourselves, and the world, is by learning to be less judgmental and more compassionate, towards others, and ourselves.

We are judgmental of those that choose to get divorced or have an abortion; we are judgmental of strippers, prostitutes and drug addicts; we are judgmental of people that choose “alternate” lifestyles; we are judgmental of other people’s diet, weight and looks; we are judgmental of those who do not practice our faith and beliefs.

Being judgmental means we are critical, disapproving or condemnatory of other peoples’ decisions and how they live their lives. When we say, “I’m not being judgmental, but …” – we are, in fact, being judgmental. Our “but” implies that we disapprove of their decisions; we think that they should make decisions based on our own values. And of course, our values are the “right” values.

There are almost 5,000 gods being
worshipped by humanity. But don’t worry, only yours is right.

When we are honest with ourselves, we realize that we don’t even have our own shit together; we are a work in progress (or at least, we should be). And yet, we have the audacity to demand, with conviction, on how everyone else should live their lives. For example, we demand that no woman should have an abortion because that’s what we believe; we are adamant that all gay people are deviant and are committing “sin.”

We don’t get to live our lives, and the lives of our parents, our children, our friends, our neighbors and our fellow citizens of the world. We only get to live our own lives.

We are all unique in our own ways. That’s what makes this world so beautiful and intriguing. If we truly understand and appreciate this phenomenon, then we should accept and celebrate our differences!

Being non-judgmental means that we respect free will. It means that we accept other people’s decisions even if they conflict with our own value system.

When we become less judgmental, it allows us to be more compassionate and accepting of others. And if each of us wants others to be compassionate, understanding and accepting of us, just as we are, then why would we not impart the same gift onto others? Why can’t we live and let live?

So with that, let’s make a wish for 2017 to be a year filled with less judgments and more compassion towards each other. Let’s genuinely accept and celebrate our differences!

Warning - Contents known to be blessed by the devil. May cause discomfort. Overdose will result in head explosion.
If symptoms occur, there’s no turning back.