Art should disturb the comfortable & comfort the disturbed

Art that only a few privileged can own through manufactured demand to drive up the commercial value is manipulative. It promotes concepts of scarcity and superiority to pander to our fragile egos. For Twizted Myrtle to offer limited edition would simply be disingenuous.

Twizted Myrtle is about living with love, compassion and abundance. We seek truth in pursuit of freedom in body, mind and spirit. We dare to think and act differently. We create our own path and live on our own terms. Twizted Myrtle is about seizing and living the moment that is now! When deciding whether a piece of art should grace your walls, there’s only one question –
Does it sing to your soul?

No Boundary is Our Boundary

Art is about curiosity, exploration and creativity. Traditionalists impart wisdom and encourage you to adhere to the established rules, find your style and stick to it like rubber and glue. In other words, find your box within the box. Isn’t that the antithesis of what art is?

Art is about the art of seeing. When you let life unfold, without expectations or judgments, there are hidden moments within moments that unravel themselves. There is beauty in the strangest of places and smallest of things. There’s untold beauty in subjects that are easily overlooked, written off or deemed as imperfect. All creatures are beautiful, but not all see their beauty.

Art is about connection – primal bison, to glowing icebergs, to emerging agapanthus. They are different from us, and yet, one can see humanity in them, and them in us. We are interconnected. When the moment of magic happens, it’s inexplicable and transcendental. It’s spiritual intimacy of two souls. That’s a moment of twizted awakening!

Choose Your Piece

Twizted art is a striking way to express your individuality and style. Your interpretation and intimate connection to the artwork is what makes it unique and one of a kind. There’s a wide selection of alluring images that evoke your senses and transcend you to a different world, and others are thought-provoking conversation starters that engage, heal and inspire. Find what moves your soul.

Twizted art has been valued at fair fare ranging from $375 to $2,100. Twizted Images truly come to life when printed on Acrylic, Canvas or DiBond® – each with their own distinctive look and unforgettable style for the discerning admirer. Each piece is signed and ready to hang!

For custom requests, awaken the devil here.

  • Acrylic
  • Di-bond
  • Canvas
  • Prints
  • Acrylic

    Twizted Signed Images are printed on award-winning archival Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper and mounted to a 1/8" thick piece of framer's grade acrylic with a museum back and cleat mount. Images garner unparalleled dynamic quality and come to life as they interact with light, often appearing weightless; this premier printing medium provides amazing depth, unmatched detail, and ultimately, stunning results! It has a distinctive, modern and sensuous appeal for the discerning admirer. Ready to hang and make a statement that reflects your sentiments and style.

  • Di-Bond

    Artwork is printed directly onto the brushed metal DiBond® surface which brings out a unique and textured look to Twizted Images. DiBond is a trade name for two thin sheets of aluminum (0.3mm) enclosing a polyethylene core. Dibond is 1/8″thick, lightweight but strong, and provides high resistance to weathering and corrosion for unsurpassed durability. In fact, many modern buildings and architectural accents are coated in this material. DiBond brushed aluminum prints are ready to hang and the perfect option for a clean and modern look.

  • Canvas

    Twizted Images come to life with this semi-gloss archival-rated custom canvas treatment. This classic material offers a unique texture while being lightweight. Printed with the latest in latex ink technology. Each canvas is hand-stretched across a 1.5″deep wooden frame (industry standard is 0.75”) that gives the image that classic, gallery wrapped canvas look, and is carefully packaged. Ready to hang and add character to your room!

  • Prints

    Photo Prints - Images are printed on high definition Fuji Lustre photo paper that is thick and professional grade with 100 year archival paper quality. The Fuji Lustre paper has a mild sheen that brings out color with little reflectivity. The commercial grade professional photo printers combined with the Fuji Lustre paper truly create gorgeous results with high levels of contrast. Images are printed and then trimmed with an extra 1/2" of white all around, providing freedom to frame and display the print with your personalized touch. Prints are ship rolled in a tube.

Warning - Contents known to be blessed by the devil. May cause discomfort. Overdose will result in head explosion.
If symptoms occur, there’s no turning back.