Louie Psihoyos is an Academy Award Winning Director, and Founder/CEO of Oceanic Preservation Society. With a three day crash course in film making, it’s ironic that Louie’s first documentary film, The Cove, won over 100 awards including the Academy Award. How is this even possible? What advice did Steven Spielberg give him? Did he listen? Louie discusses how covert operations allowed him to capture one of the most poignant and chilling scenes in The Cove, where elders in Taiji, Japan, share how they used to kill Blue Whales prior to wreaking havoc on dolphins. Louie believes that if his films simply make money, then he has failed. So how do his films like The Cove, Racing Extinction, and his upcoming project, Game Changers, inspire ordinary people like you and I to do something about the issues, and take on giants like Sea World? And what inspires the people that inspire us? Join us for a candid, inspiring and fun conversation with some inside stories on Elon Musk, Jim Clark and Ric O’ Barry.

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