When Fashion Is Murder

Compassionate or Murderer - What statement do your fashion choices make about you?

Our desire for comfort and to look cool in fur coats, leather handbags and snakeskin shoes comes at an unthinkable price; cows, dogs and cats are amongst the many animals that are subjected to heart wrenching cruelty. How is that cool? What really happens behind the scenes? How can India be the biggest supplier of cows for the leather industry when they consider cows to be sacred?

What is Vegan Fashion? Why are more companies turning to Vegan Fashion, and yet, others are reluctant to make the transition? What is their business case? Are petitions effective in bringing about change? And what critical role can you play in shaping the future of the fashion industry?

Christina Sewell, Fashion Campaign Coordinator at PETA, is responsible for compelling the fashion industry to embrace vegan leather. She works closely with brands like Victoria’s Secret, H&M, North Face, Patagonia and Prada. Christina educates designers, editors and fashion writers about how animals suffer when they’re turned into fur coats, leather handbags and snakeskin shoes. Christina shares how she tackles this behemoth and behind the scenes insights into the fashion industry.

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