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Empowering Scars

Pain is universal and timeless. No one is immune, regardless of age, race, religion, sex, color, nationality, culture, education or financial status. That’s life. And yet, there is a strong unhealthy tendency, across the globe, to not discuss our pain; reasons include cultural taboo, judgment, shame, guilt and perception. When unattended, this hurt manifests itself through our actions as anger, hatred, jealousy, sadness, fear, insecurity and/or violence.

The gallery experience promises to be thought provoking, inspiring and empowering!

Images are visceral and thought provoking. They communicate messages of both pain, as well as strength derived from such painful life experiences.

Now imagine this ...

A wall full of happy faces. When juxtaposed against the scars images, this may seem out of place at first glance. But when people come up close and flip each of the face "tiles," the truth behind the happy faces will be revealed – their nationality, ethnicity, sex, gender, religion and SCARS! This is reflective of how we put on a happy face for others to see, while scarred by deep pain on the inside that not many get to see.

Scars can be visible or invisible.

They can be physical, mental and / or emotional scars. I am looking for diversity and a representation of our world - all nationalities, ethnicities, sex, gender, religion, education, financial status, and scars!


Loneliness, Insecurities, Unhealthy relationships, Cancer, Heart Disease, Disability, Obesity, Diabetes, Rape, Child Abuse, Depression, Bullying, Eating Disorders, Self Injury, Divorce, Heart break, Addictions, Cults, Human Trafficking, PTSD, Suicide, Death of a loved one, Poverty, Homeless, Racism, Discrimination, Violence, Abuse of Trust … the list is endless!

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Scars can be visible or invisible. They can be physical, mental and/or emotional scars.

All information shared is confidential and will not be distributed for marketing purposes. The information provided will help ensure candidates selected represent diversity and people from all walks of life. You can be anywhere in the world. This information will also be displayed on the back of your face "tile" at the gallery. Please submit your interest in the project only if you are willing to share basic information and your scars story.

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Age Under 13 
Education Some High School 
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